Forgiveness is hard work

Forgiveness is not easy. Waking up every morning and deciding to let go of past grievances is hard work. But in this work, you are agreeing to love yourself, love others and most importantly to love God. So regardless of how difficult it is… forgiveness is completely worth it. Forgiveness helps break down barriers, it helps stop depressing ruminating thoughts that have the potential to ruin your day and ruin your life. It may not result in an immediate increase in your happiness level because forgiveness is a process that takes time. Forgiveness does not give you immediate gratification in the same way that exercise or sex does. But the decision to forgive is the decision to experience an everlasting peace. It is the decision to live a fulfilling life, one that is no longer plagued by the sorrows and pain of your past. It is a chance to breathe in fresh air and exhale love.


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